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IETM Satellite Meeting Beirut & History of Censorship in Lebanon

IETM will hold its Satellite Meeting Beirut between 6 and 9 October 2016, focusing on Freedom of Expression. In the words of IETM:

The Satellite’s programme will thrash out such crucial topics as mobility, cultural policies, funding, gender equality in the cultural sector, decentralization of culture and more.

Multifaceted discussions, roundtables, encounters, visits and performances will reveal Beirut as a place where, similarly to the rest of the Arab region, artists and cultural operators are reclaiming public space, defying mobility restrictions and persistently making art as a form of resistance. 

The programme is backed by an International Campaign for Freedom of Expression, launched by IETM, with the aim of endorsing on-going reforms of censorship laws in Lebanon and similar campaigns in the South-Mediterranean region. 

Political and ideological realities weight heavily on the cultural sector everywhere today. To resort to our strongest remedy – solidarity, we invite you to Beirut to revolve around the challenges and values of working together. 

The full programme for the meeting can be found here.

In the run up to the meeting, cultural activist and journalist Mona Merhi has written a short overview of the history of censorship in Lebanon, which can be accessed here (in both English and Arabic).

Screenshot History of Censorship in Lebanon