A Few Things You Need to Know When Creating an Art Project in a Public Space in Lebanon


Check out the new tool guide on art in public spaces in Lebanon, a project by T.A.P (Temporary Art Platform). This is what T.A.P. says about the project:

A Few Things You Need to Know When Creating an Art Project in a Public Space in Lebanon
Art in public spaces in Lebanon: A research project and tool guide on the legal and administrative challenges and opportunities

In collaboration with Nayla Geagea, Attorney at Law

This research project and tool guide is part of the long-term vision that TEMPORARY. ART. PLATFORM (T.A.P) holds, particularly in the encouragement and development of art in public spaces in Lebanon.

It emerged from an actual necessity that presented itself in a prior project by T.A.P aiming to create a database surveying public art projects and artworks carried out in Lebanon. In the process of collecting such data many artists who are eager to work in public places have expressed that the logistical challenges, procedures and required permissions constituted major obstacles against their projects.

In an atmosphere where estrangement between contemporary art, its audience, and administrations reigns in Lebanon, a breakdown of the administrative process helps one achieve a better understanding of what must be done to successfully carry out a project in the public realm.

This tool guide is meant for anyone who can utilize its content and recommendations for the creation, facilitation, production or commissioning of art in public spaces in Lebanon. It aims at minimizing some of the administrative challenges artists and cultural organizers usually face when applying for the permits necessary to carry out their projects. Furthermore, it is intended to sensitize authorities and administrations to the different aesthetics, practices and needs essential for these types of projects to happen and hence influence public/cultural policy.

We are guided by the belief that contextual forms of curatorial and art practices might not solve problems or issues; yet they can address challenging questions regarding the relation between artists, cultural practitioners, public institutions and audiences. So far, our projects explored different formats including artists’ residencies, commissions and research projects. They also addressed different topics, raising environmental, urban, social and legal concerns, among others.

To download the tool-guide, you need to create an account in ISSUU – it is free and only takes a few seconds!

Link to English tool-guide

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